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Bombisco Multimedia Celebrates New Year With Widows

01 January 2017
Bombisco Multimedia Celebrates New Year With Widows

Management of Bombisco Multimedia, parent company of Bombisco TV and Bombisco Radio, have donated birds running into thousands of Ghana cedis to widows within the Berekum municipality and beyond.


BOMBISCO Multimedia is made up of Artists, Educationists, Journalists, Film Directors and Graphic Designers. It is a multimedia co-operation with the interest to serve, train, encourage and to develop the human resource of Ghanaians through creativity. It trains people in the Arts, Music, Media and Technology.


It is also a philanthropic group with the interest of donating items, both in kind and in cash to the less privileged in the society as well as to seek the development of women and children in general. We believe that only the educated is free.

We thereby work to combine education, science and technology so as to make learning meaningful and beneficiary to both the illiterate and literate.



With hardwork, determination, perserverance, co-operation, dedication, coupled with creativity, the team has worked in various dimensions to achieve its set aims such as:


Talent Development: BOMBISCO has helped to groom many talents including Actors and Actresses, Musicians and Debaters. It has unearthed talents such as footballers through organisations of football competitions and the donation of set of jerseys, soccer, boots, and other football equipment to boost the morale such youngsters to represent Brong Ahafo and, eventually the nation at large.


Aid To The Less Privileged: BOMBISCO has helped several less privileged either in kind or in cash. Beneficiary in such category include widows, orphans, students from poor homes, apprentices with less or no support and petty traders with no or less capital. Such donations are mostly made during events and parties purposely organised by BOMBISCO in order to let the beneficiaries feel motivated.

Our events are usually made to synchronize with special festivities such as Christmas, Easter and on other special holidays at a free cost in order to give the beneficiaries a sense of belongingness. Needy, but good students have been received assistance from BOMBISCO in cash to cater for their school fees and other essential costs.


Talent Development: Education is one of BOMBISCO's proudest interests as it is the basis for any human resource development. The institution has organized inter-school quiz competitions, debates and academic seminars for students in the region.

Rewards for competitors are mainly educational materials. It has also maintained the interest of students through role playing in activities like in dramas, plays and even films.

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Bombisco Multimedia is made up of Artists, Educationists, Journalists, Film Directors and Graphic Designers.

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