This is Us: The Famous Family Drama Second Season Is Announced!

The latest family drama offering from NBC, This is Us has already won plenty of hearts around the country. This American television drama series has a powerful cast that includes the legendary Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia and plenty of newcomers. This is Us is the story of a family and the different troubles they go through. The series shows the current lives of the three siblings along with their parents. Flashbacks are shown in between to give the audience a look into the past. There are three sets of cast members to play the siblings in the show.

The show starts out with how a fun couple settles down into domesticity as they await the arrival of their triplets. However, fate has different plans for them as one of the babies is stillborn. The parents, played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore end up adopting another newborn African American baby that was abandoned at the fire station on the same day. The family dynamics is presented beautifully in the show and manages to tug at your heartstrings more than once. The show was nominated for the Best TV series at the Golden Globe Awards this year. It was also awarded ten Emmy nominations this year. The second season of This is Us will be coming out early 2018.

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Family Movies That Have Passed The Test Of Time

Plenty of movies come out every single year. However, only a few have been able to find their way to the top preferred family movies. These movies are often preferred by families during the holiday season. Family movies often have a happy ending and seek to entertain the audience with a simple message of love and kindness.

Home Alone came out in the year 1990 and is popular even today, ever though several sequels came out, the first one still remains the top favorite for many families The movie is about how a young boy is left home alone when his parents travel to Paris for the holidays. He ends up saving the day as he defends his home from being burgled.

Mary Poppins is a gem of a movie that has many memorable songs. Julie Andrews did a wonderful job of portraying Mary Poppins and winning many hearts in the process. The antics of Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire makes it a favorite movie for many families all across the globe. Released in 1993, it still remains an evergreen family movie. Jumanji is a fast paced movie starring Robin Williams issued the latest computer graphics at the time. It was a huge hit when it was released and still has the ability to entice the young generation of today.