Artificial Intelligence Poses Huge Risk

The rapid advances in the field of artificial technology have been very impressive in the last few decades. However, it comes along with a higher risk that users might use this technology to cause hacking attacks, cause car crashes, use drones for attacks and so on. Recent times have shown that malicious people will resort to any way to try to cause trouble in different parts of the world. The advancement in artificial technology has actually made it easier for them to cause trouble if they wish to do so.

Every country in the world needs to prepare itself for any sort of physical, digital, or political attack that may be launched with the help of artificial technology. Since artificial intelligence is a fairly new technology, governments and military institutions are still finding ways to control its malicious use.

However, the usefulness of artificial technology in various fields makes it impossible to stop using it completely. This is why experts in the industry are racing to find ways to stop malicious users from misusing this sharp edged technology. After all, no one wants to hear about bomb attacks caused by drones flying into public areas. The world is already suffering from attacks in different corners.

Hackers are also using artificial intelligence to hack into high security websites to display their strength. In a recent case, many popular websites were hacked and the data was encrypted. The hackers agreed to decrypt the code only on the payment of a token amount into their anonymous accounts. This is one example of how artificial intelligence can easily ruin any business or company. It is up to the experts in information technology to come up with different strategies to keep such attacks at bay and protect the citizens of the world from such malicious people.

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All About The New Honda Automated Network Assistant!

You must have already heard about Siri and Google Assistant. Well, Honda’s research division decided to offer its car owners a similar assistant that ultimately is like a companion that helps keep track of your personal and work lives, gauge your emotions. Predict your routes, and even make money for you! This latest smart assistant in the market is called Honda Automated Network Assistant or Hana for short.

Hana is similar to other smart assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, except the fact that it is specific to your car. The ability of Hana to recognize emotion makes it highly useful on the road. The New Electric Urban Vehicle launched by Honda last year comes with a curved display on the front that is accessible to the driver and the front seat passenger. Hana resides in this display. Hana is essentially an intelligent digital assistant that uses interior camera and sensors to collect data about you. This data is then used to build a profile of the owner and become a complete digital assistant over time. The ability of Hana to recognize the muscle movements and human face anatomy makes it easier for the driver to use while driving as well.

The interior camera placed above the display is always on and continuously maps the driver’s face. This adds an extra layer of security to the car as well. When the image ad sensor data is fed into Hana, the artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms process this data and pinpoints recurring patterns. This is used to identify the daily activities of the driver and prompt them during rush hours for alternate routes, make suggestions for coffee stops and so on. The ongoing collection of data by Hana means that it is constantly evolving and trying to make the driving experience easier and fun than before.