Music Video Contenders in 2017 For Upcoming Awards Season

The year 2017 was bombarded with several audio visual epics by artists like Beyoncé and Frank Ocean. This list of the top music videos of the year has been compiled by picking most viewed videos on YouTube. The videos that made it to the list are:
· A$AP Mob – “RAF”
The music video “RAF” was directed by A$AP Rocky and Austin Winchell. It consists of Rocky, Playboi Carti and Quavo walking about in an array of clothing by Simons. It is opulence at its best.

· N.E.R.D & Rihanna – “Lemon”
This video was directed by Todd Tourso & Scott Cudmore. This interesting music video has Rihanna present only for thirty seconds, and even in this short amount of time, she is shown shaving off someone’s head. The subversive message shown in music video seems to have captured the audience’s interest this year.

· Tyler, The Creator – “Who Dat Boy” ft. A$AP Rocky
This terrifying music video was directed by Wolf Haley. It was the perfect accompaniment to the creepy string arrangements in the music. It is an apt example of a gory music video.

· SZA – “Love Galore” ft. Travis Scott
This sensual music video was directed by Nabil. The raw beauty captured in this music video is out of this world. The titillating bedroom scenes has made the video very popular among the youth.

· JAY-Z – “The Story of O.J.”
This interesting music video was directed by Mark Romanek & JAY-Z. This music video accurately represents how hard it is for the African-Americans to rise in the society, and even if they do manage to overcome the various obstacles put in their path, they are still shamed by the society at large. This music video shows how the society needs to change to give the next generation to live their life in peace.

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Piracy Threatens Music Industry

Recent studies have shown that stream-ripping is the fastest growing form of music piracy all over the world. Several websites and mobile apps allow their users to turn YouTube videos, Spotify songs and other streaming content into permanent files that can be stored on computer and phones. Record labels are concerned about the rising numbers of stream ripping cases taking place today. According to reports, at least ten million songs are illegally copied and distributed in the UK each month. This number will continue increasing unless record labels come up with a new solution.

According to the PRS FOR Music and the Intellectual Property Office, over fifteen percent of the adults in the UK regularly use websites and apps to download music from websites that stream music. Among this, about thirty three per cent of them fall in the 16-24 age bracket. In September 2016, these websites were accessed over 498,681 times in order to pirate music in the United Kingdom alone. Interestingly, file sharing services like BitTorrent and KickAss Torrent were used only 23,567 times. This is a clear indication of how people are finding it easier to use third party websites and apps to download music illegally.

The recent survey conducted by record labels in an attempt to understand the reason behind music piracy revealed that over 31% of the users downloaded illegal music because they already owned the same music file in another format. Around 21% of the downloaders claim not to be able to afford to pay for the music and another 20% claimed that they felt that the music was overpriced. Interestingly, the survey also shows that many people were not aware of the fact that their actions are in fact against the law. Experts in the music industry recommend educating the public about legal and illegal music in an attempt to reduce the piracy attempts.

Interesting Recordings of 2017

The beginning of 2107 seems to be promising enough with plenty of inspiring recording being released by talented artists all over the world. The experts in the industry have listed the top recordings that are perceived to change the face of classical music in the upcoming months.

The Joan Adams Edition by the Berlin Philharmonic is a collection of recording that pan from 2016 till now and consists of a few classic works alongside some recent ones as well. The orchestra is led by Alan Gilbert, Simon Rattle, Gustavo Dudamel and Kirill Petrenko. These recordings are absolutely delightful for a classical music lover and need to go on the list for delivering a luxurious musical experience to its listeners.

The Cantatas Nos. 152,199,292 by Carolyn Sampson along with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra is a brighter version that needs to be appreciated on its own footing. The director, Harmonia Mundi and Lorraine Hunt Lieberson do a wonderful job in bringing the music to life.

Although the Goldberg Variations by Beatrice Rana is considerably young, her talent in playing sensitive and sophisticated pieces with the right amount of control is a beautiful example of how music has developed over the years. The return to Bach’s theme adds to the delight of the recording.

Piano Concertos Danny Driver along with Symphony Orchestra with Rebecca Miller as the conductor has paid homage to Amy Beach in honor of her 150th birthday. This fine release by Hyperion helped bring to life the wonderful works by Amy Beach which Rebecca Miller has performed with splendor and aplomb.

Bloodroot by Kelly Morgan focuses on avoiding timbral effects that is often the pitfall for many composers while attempting prepared piano. With memorable melodies, Ms.Moran is able to display her talent through this set of miniatures. She has also employed many garde touches as a result of being inspired by John Cage.